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Chipotle and Willie Nelson

19 Sep

When Saints Go Machine

28 Feb


Danish four piece, When Saints Go Machine, have been catching eyes (or ears) over the past few months, including ours. Their cool minimalist instrumental, avante-garde sound combined with their soft vocalist makes them comparable to Caribou, James Blake or MGMT and their music obtains the unique ability to effectively fade into the background and become a purely atmospheric soundtrack or feature music equally.


Formed into 2007, some of their big tracks have apparently been around since 2009 when they won the Danish Radio Talent Of The Year award, but they failed to be properly released or receive adequate blog exposure, so sadly the guys had to wait until recently to receive the recognition they deserve. If you’re yet to hear them yourself, then listen to a copy of their mini-album, Fail Forever, released through !K7 and fall in love today.


So if you haven’t already, have a listen and fall for these guys today.


When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever

When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever (dOP Remix)